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Today is time for self reflection. In the manifestor program I teach you an in depth way to use journalling to build the habit of daily self reflection. I have been a fan of self reflective questions for a long time. Ever since learning how the Greek philosopher Socrates, left his legacy of questioning techniques, I have been enthralled.

So, have you ever considered that when you then ask yourself a question, your attention re-orientates from an outward to an internal focus. You become aware of the contents of your mind and you apply energy to the direction of the question, or inquiry. It’s easy to imagine that life is a journey, and the direction you take, is guided by the questions you ask yourself. By asking the easy questions you are able to follow the roads you know already. This makes for a comfortable existence, however with comfort, growth is limited. We are all endowed with vast evolutionary potential, and for many, much of it remains untapped.

If you’d been taking the same route to work for 5 years, an easy question might be ‘what is the best time of day to avoid the worst traffic?’ It’s a useful question, which will help, but the answer is limited. A more far-reaching question would be ‘what new experiences would I gain, if I turned right at the lights, instead of left?’ This question, would open a new avenue of possibility and create a totally different experience.

All great inventions and discoveries began, firstly as a process of personal inquiry. ‘What would it feel like to walk on the surface of the moon?‘ lead NASA to put a man there. ‘What social possibilities would open up if we could light up the night?‘ lead Thomas Edison to invent the lightbulb. The questions in this self inquiry practice are intended to open up new thinking pathways which lead you into exciting new territories in life.

If your life is at a crossroads right now, or you need to some clarity about the future, this tool could be the 1 THING this week that helps you.

Happy reflecting!


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