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5 Jan 2018 in Uncategorized


Have you read the article about the difference between dreamers and manifestors? Today we’ll probe deeper into this idea, by exploring three things that all manifestors share in common: vision, tools and practice.

Manifestors start any new journey with a clear picture of the future results they are creating. This is their vision. A vision is also known as a goal, objective, outcome or target. These terms all point to the same thing, which is a clearly defined future state that you intend to make happen. Some of the tools in the free DO 1 THING program, help you get clearer about your vision. If you’re reading this and haven’t yet signed up, scroll to the top of the page to get started.

The second thing all manifestors have in place, is the right tools they need to make their visions become reality. A tool is something we use to achieve a specific result. But interestingly, vision and tools alone are not enough to get results without the third element, which is practice. Practice is the application or consistent, repetitive use of a tool until you become competent or skilled in using it. Let’s simplify matters with this equation.

Tools + Practice = Manifested Results  or  T + P = MR.

Let’s say you were walking around a gym, deciding which tools to use. One of the tools is a running machine, which is going to help you manifest the result of improved cardiovascular fitness. You might know what a running machine is, and you might even know how to use one, but unless you practice you won’t get the results you want. This seems pretty simple so far.

Now let’s make a further distinction between two different types of tools you need in order to create more consistent results in your work and life. There are technical tools, and there are manifesting tools.

Technical tools are physical objects you can use to get the functional aspect of a job done. At work this might be a pen, computer, software program or sales script. In your life it might be a diary, an app on your phone or a vehicle. In the kitchen it might be a cookbook, knife, chopping board and a pan. You get the gist here, I’m sure. A technical tool is a physical object you can use that will enable you to achieve a specific result.  Depending on what your vision is, you will need to make sure you have the right tools in place to make that happen (then get busy practicing and using them!)

In this article, we discussed that less than 10% of people manifest the results they really want in life. Their visions remain in the territory of dreams, rather than landing as actual results in their lives. What intrigues me is what is missing from the other 90%. And here’s where the idea of the manifestor toolkit comes into play. Manifesting tools are different from technical tools, in that they are not physical objects which exist outside of you. They are tools which live inside you. They are the tools of the Self (download this info sheet to see the manifestor tools). Now whether you call these tools inner resources, mental habits, personal philosophies, attitudes, consciousness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, or any other term which denotes it’s an ‘internal tool’ it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you apply yourself to firstly get acquainted with the tools, because not everyone knows they have them, and then secondly you get busy practicing and using them.

Still with me? I hope so, because the way of the manifestor is not on most school curriculums and so many folks I share my program with begin with the question ‘What is a manifestor?’ (read this article to find out more about that). And I guess I’m trying to educate you here, so you can decide if these tools could be of use in your life, or not. If some part of you knows that the timing is right to develop your toolkit, then sign up to the program here.

If you’re seeking an interesting exercise to find out more about manifesting, this tool will help. It’s called Manifestor Fitness and it’s going to get you up close and personal with all the tools in the Manifestor program. It’s also going to help you understand which tools you are currently using and which ones might be new territory for you. You can download it here. The instructions of what to do are all in the tool. Have fun finding out about your manifestor fitness levels.


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