Conscious Leadership

Whichever direction you look, the volume of change unfolding right now is extensive. The events occurring outside of our organisations, are causing us to become more conscious of what we are doing inside of them. The constant challenge of an uncertain future, calls on leaders to find new ways of being and work collaboratively to find new solutions to old problems.

Einstein once said ‘problems cannot be solved on the same level of thinking that created them’ and our program empowers leaders to function in alignment with their highest values so they can consciously affect positive change in their teams and organisations.


Six Core Competencies

of the Conscious Leader

1. Be Conscious

  • Know your values
  • Use time wisely
  • Develop mindfulness
  • Lead with purpose
  • Work with polarities

2. Collaborate Mindfully

  • Understand your behaviour
  • Build rapport with all types
  • Develop your listening style
  • Acquire information and clarity
  • Seek out common ground

3. Build Cultural Alignment

  • Understand the whole system
  • Build awareness of culture
  • Agree on values and behaviours
  • Apply values through projects
  • Keep aligning people to values

4. Empower Your Team

  • Understand your diversity
  • Create means to upskill
  • Coach your team to step up
  • Delegate with autonomy
  • Give meaningful feedback

5. Implement the strategy

  • Observe current reality
  • Build your business vision
  • Define KPIs and milestones
  • Manage organisational change
  • Monitor ongoing performance

6. Adapt and Evolve

  • Obtain stakeholder feedback
  • Challenge reality every month
  • Streamline innovation process
  • Adapt strategic direction
  • Realign team and stakeholders

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Building Culture

Most business leaders understand intuitively that in order to build a high performing business, they must have strong people on board, and this means more than just recruiting for the right skills. Culture plays a critical role and businesses that lack a consciously articulated one, often face challenges as there is no agreement between the people about ‘how things get done’. As an Outsourced Culture Director, I empower business leaders to build great cultures. This short film explains more about that. And my new book, ‘How do we build great cultures?’ will help you get started building your culture. Click below to download your copy.


Four Phases

In most of the tailored programs we build, there are four phases involved in the process of defining and creating an aligned culture. They are:

1. Awareness is about building clarity about cultural strengths and blindspots.
2. Next the purpose, values and behaviours can then be agreed.
3. These must then be applied to bring them to life in your organisation
4. Phase four, is the ongoing work of aligning people with the culture.

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Sign up to your free 5 day program to define your purpose, live mindfully, grow your business, and create more of what you want in life.



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Within you is a space of freedom and power. When connected with it, you become acutely conscious. Future possibilities emerge and the way forward becomes clear. Put simply, you get clarity.

Leading with clarity, engages your followers. Planning with clarity gives you confidence about your future. And living with clarity, helps you experience your best self. Mostly your clarity is overcast by the clouds of a busy mind. This can be a noisy place where problems, uncertainty and ceaseless communication channels all limit your vision. Acting in business without clarity, limits results.

Since 2002, Nick has created space for 1000s of leaders and CEOs to find their clarity and take courageous action in pursuit of their intended visions. To start generating positive momentum, book in a time to discuss your needs with Nick.

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