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8 Jan 2018 in Uncategorized


I recently did some research into the percentage of people who successfully turn their dreams into reality and stumbled across these two curious statistics.

Only 9.2% of people achieve their new years resolutions.
Only 6% of people end up in careers they wanted as kids.  

If we round up the numbers, these stats are telling us that 90% of people’s dreams never see the light of day. Only 10% get converted into reality. It appears from this information that achieving results is challenging for most people. Whereas it’s easy to imagine ourselves experiencing better futures, things get in the way. I want to help your dreams become part of the 10%. But before we explore how that will happen, I have an important question for you.

What are your dreams?

I’d like you to get a blank piece of paper and pen, or your journal if you use one, and complete this sentence.

In ten years time, when I am living my best possible life, I will be …..

Don’t hold back. Dream big. Write down your ultimate possible place you imagine you could get to. If you won the lottery and money was no object you would undoubtedly change things. What would be different? Who would you be spending time with? What kind of things would you have around you? And how would you feel?

About 8 years ago, I was mentoring a man in his late 20s, called Dave. He was a dreamer. He was part of the 90%, and he knew it. He had all these things he could clearly articulate he wanted, but he’d placed them so far out of reach in his thought processes, that he was never going to make them happen. He used terms like ‘one day…’, ‘I wish I could…’ and ‘when I just get the time I will.…’  He was on a losing streak from day one because in his mind he did not believe it was possible to really make his dreams come true. I am visual person and often draw diagrams to explain concepts to my clients. I drew a line down the middle of a sheet of paper and wrote ‘Dreamer’ on one side and ‘Manifestor’ on the other and together we carefully explored the differences between these two modus operandi.

By the end of the conversation something had shifted in Dave. He knew he had to change his mind, and get more serious about making his dreams become reality. We worked together for another few months and by the end of his program, he had landed his ideal job and started dating a girl he was serious about being with. But it all began with something vital. Intent. This is the first step in learning the way of the manifestor and it’s as simple as making a choice to do what it will take to make your life great. I saw a great meme the other day which says it all ‘There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.’ Download this free ebook to learn what to do once you’ve activated your intent.

Those scribbles evolved into this free infographic (download here), which can be used to reflect on your own relationship to the two mindsets. When you read the 6 comparisons between dreamers and manifestors, which do you identify with the most?

To get more consistent results in your life or work you need to develop the mindset and skills of the manifestor, which you can do by signing up for my 10 week online program. For $199, you’ll get access to 4.5 hours of HD learning movies, plus 10 downloadable ebooks which are packed full of tools and techniques that show you how to turn your dreams into reality.

And in the meantime, you can watch this short film about 4 Italian manifestors who turned their dream of building a yoga & surf school into reality. I met these guys on a recent surf trip to Portugal and found their story really inspiring. Look them up  if you’re ever in Europe on holiday.



Manifestor is an online learning journey which teaches you the skills you need to turn your dreams into reality. For $199, you get 10 HD learning movies and ebooks.

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