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This tool is part of a free 5 day program called DO 1 THING, which helps busy people make positive changes in their work and life. If you haven’t signed up yet and want to get a range of tools and inspiring films, which empower you to live and work more consciously, simply insert your name and email above, then check your inbox every day for the next 5 days.

If you manage a business, or lead a decent sized team of people, then this tool has the potential to be of great value. It’s called Grow Your Business and if you’ve already signed up for DO 1 THING, then you’ll have a copy of this in your inbox. It will help you:

  • Use integral theory to focus on improving 4 areas of your business
  • Differentiate between business strategy and organisational culture
  • Categorise your business into 10 key focus areas
  • Undertake a gap analysis on each area to assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a full set of strategic intentions in the areas which you want to improve
  • Turn your intentions into a comprehensive strategic roadmap with tangible milestones
  • Observe the interconnectedness of your business eco-system to understand how improving one area of your business will positively impact other areas
  • Map out your first action items to pick up momentum
  • Get started with implementing your new strategy


The tool takes you an in depth journey inside your business. I use this framework when I build and facilitate strategic planning workshops for my clients. If you find as you work through it, you want to discuss your business with me, email or call me and let’s book in time for a coffee.




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