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11 Jan 2018 in Uncategorized


If you’re considering the best way to manifest a new outcome in your life, an important thing we should do first is define what a MANIFESTOR is. To help you understand, let’s differentiate four ways of being, or personality types, that people create new realities from. Knowing which ones you resonate most with, can help you achieve results more effectively.



The first type are called Reactors. These types of people are largely a product of their environment. They allow the world around them to influence how they think and feel. The world outside of them will largely determine how they see themselves and what choices they make in life. As stimulus arrives into the mind from the environment, emotional reactions based on whether they like or dislike what the world is giving them in that moment, determine whether these people are happy or not. When life is not working, the typical changes a reactor makes, happens by fixing short term problems and putting out spot fires. The problem with living life this way, is the long term questions about life never get a look in, so visions and aspirations always take 2nd place, because, “OMG, there’s another problem I need to sort out….” Many people live this way.



The next type are Cruisers. These happy go lucky souls have a warm attitude towards life. One where they tend to float and cruise through life, caring less about what the environment is doing and focussing more on what they want to feel in the moment. These types of people can be fun to be around as their carefree way of being can be a source of relaxation for others. Pace is sloooowwwwww and anything which gets in the way of the cruise, is often shut down or boxed off into a corner of the mind to be dealt with another day. On the days when the cruisers pace does pick up, they will often feel a sense of frustration or even guilt about having spent minimal time focussing on their aspirations and goals for improving their life.



Seekers are ex-cruisers and ex-reactors. One day they got out of bed and decided to seek more from life. Something wakes up inside and a new way of being gets activated. One where the pursuit useful new knowledge, becomes important for success in life. Seekers have realised something important… that the only person who will help them create a great life is looking back at them in the mirror every morning. Seekers also realise that the choices and actions they take each day make a big difference. Seekers are typically quite excited by life and one of their biggest challenges comes from knowing which sources of knowledge to extract wisdom from next. In the age of information overload, life as a seeker can become overwhelming if you don’t find practical sources of knowledge you can use. With the right support, seekers can reach the next level of creativity in their life.



The difference between a seeker and a manifestor is simple. Skill. In my 2014 TED talk, I explained that manifestors are people who have developed the skills they need to take their ideas about what a great life looks like and turn them into reality. They understand their values and have learned, usually on the journey of manifesting their goals, that life is one long creative journey. They still have times when they react to life’s events or spend time in cruise mode, but something has changed inside them. As they travel through life, every time a new thing emerges which they want to experience or have, they busy themselves making it happen. They don’t allow their emotions, or other people’s expectations of them to limit what they create. They simple do what they do, and create. Life as a manifestor is an adventure. And learning the way of the manifestor is worthy pursuit, if you are serious about creating a great life for yourself.


For as long as I can remember, I have been a manifestor. I’ve always had a strong thirst for self knowledge and finding ways to play life bigger. Since 2002, I’ve been busy building leaders and improving workplace cultures. I’ve mentored 1000s of people and helped them turn their intentions about the future into tangible reality. To learn how you can become a highly competent manifestor and transform your life, download this free ebook, or watch this movie about the program.



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