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22 Feb 2017 in Uncategorized

The Art of Flying Solo

Flying Solo is not a spectator sport. It’s not for the faint hearted. It’s a journey for those who have a restless spirit to add value to the world and want to to do it on their own terms. It’s a pathway which offers great rewards and ongoing learning. Autonomy, creativity, more balance and freedom are all on offer, when you master the art of flying solo. This takes time though and many who take that leap, then find themselves humbly returning to their past careers seeking the safety it offers.

In 2002 I parted ways from a successful advertising career with a bold purpose to help people become stronger, more conscious leaders. Fifteen years on, with a few stories to share, and a TED talk under my belt about how to live and work on purpose, I find myself wanting to give back again to the solopreneur community. On March 9th, I’m delivering an interactive workshop to help wannabee and budding solopreneurs carve out their own pathway. The topics include:

It all starts with purpose
The solopreneurship mindset
Manage or outsource?
Become a TED speaker
Build a product to sell
Become your own CMO
Face up to your fears
Balance your time

The workshop is part of the Sydney launch of Newco, which is a choose-your-own adventure business festival that identifies and connects the city’s agents of positive change. My talk is at 3pm on Thursday March 9th at UTS, Sydney.

Reserve your seat here.


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