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5 Jan 2018 in Uncategorized


If you’re new to learning the way of the manifestor, the three articles below are worth checking out, so that this one makes sense.

What is a manifestor?

Why 90% of peoples dreams don’t materialise.

And how T+P=MR will literally transform your life.

So back on with our journey. You may be wondering why I bang on so much about manifesting. You see in truth I’m not really interested in helping you become a manifestor. What I’m interested in is helping you create a great life for yourself. With 90% of people’s dreams not seeing the light of day, I want to help as many people as I can  join the 10% club. And it just so happens that in order to achieve that end, you need the right skills in your arsenal, to make your dreams become reality.

So here’s an interesting thought starter for your day. Make a list of ten skills you have today, that you didn’t have ten years ago. Here’s my list.

1 Windsurfing
2 Building websites
3 Changing a nappy
4 Facilitating culture change programs
5 Manifesting $300,000 out of thin air to buy our dream home
6 Making learning movies
7 Teaching people how to manifest their dreams into reality
8 Helping my son drop into the bowl at our local skatepark
9 Healing my gut and eat the right type of foods
10 Creating the optimum balance of neurotransmitters in my brain

If you think back to how you developed your ten skills, there’s a good chance it started out with a tool of some kind. You may also have had a teacher, mentor or coach guide you through the initial stages of learning. I believe the best way I can help you become a manifestor is by modelling how I do it myself. I have achieved numerous results in my life using the same tools that I am teach you in the manifestor program. To hear some of the big results from my 20s and 30s, my TEDx talk (see below) is a good place to start.

I am currently improving my windsurfing skills and on a recent windsurfing camp in Tarifa I made a funny film about my learning journey. Tarifa is a wild and beautiful place on the Southernmost tip of Spain. There were 35 knot winds everyday I was there, and I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything like it. I joked afterwards that going to one of Europe’s windsurfing meccas, was probably not a wise place to go learn the basics of windsurfing. I was way out of my comfort zone!

My learning journey is a classic way to illustrate how T + P = MR works.

There were technical tools (board, boom, mast and sail). There were also manifestor tools (belief, patience, humility and courage). One set tools without the other would have been useless. And yet both together, created a result. I can now windsurf. There was also a third element in the process. A mentor or teacher. Bernie.

In the windsurfing film, my teacher Bernie, asked me simple question. “Do you want to be a fish or a windsurfer?” What he was pointing to was that time on the board, or practice, was what it would take for me to improve. If I didn’t want to improve, he suggested I could be a fish instead and go for a swim. I loved his profoundly simple advice!

A lot of people I meet spend too much time talking about why they don’t have what they want. They blame external circumstances and events, or other people, instead of seeking out the tools they need to change their life. Like Bernie, I have little time for people like this. The clients I work with are people who are serious about changing their life. They have activated their intent already. You see, no matter how experienced a mentor or windsurfing teacher is, they cannot influence the mind of their students. Only the student can do that.

When the intent is locked in, and the tools are being learned, the rest is just a matter of time in the game and practice. Half way through my manifestor online program, you get exposed to the weekly cycle. The weekly cycle is something I created to bring all the tools together into an adaptive technology based on the premise that practice makes perfect. You’ll see there are 8 steps in the process and it all begins with tuning into your vision.

If you haven’t had chance yet to check out manifestor, you can do so here. What you get for $199 is 4.5 hours of HD learning movies, 10 ebooks and 2 guided meditations. You can watch the movies at any time, on any device and a lot of my clients are cultivating their manifesting skills on the bus and train, going to and from their work. If at any time you want to inquire about 1-to-1 mentoring or my other programs, simply email me here.

Have a great day!


Manifestor is an online learning journey which teaches you the skills you need to turn your dreams into reality. For $199, you get 10 HD learning movies and ebooks.

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