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2 Jan 2018 in Uncategorized


The biggest wave in the world was ridden by Garret McNamara in Nazare, Portugal. At 78 feet high, he holds the world record. I visited Nazare in October 2017, where there’s a museum full of surfboards the big wave riders used to brave these Atlantic monster swells. Beneath each surfboard, there were stories of each surfer’s journey. These stories in a tiny museum on the Atlantic coast is pulling in huge tourism dollars and wealth into the area.

Nazare has a genuine unique selling proposition, or USP. A USP is a special benefit you can use in your marketing to stand out from your competitors. When you are clear what your USP is, then clearly articulate it through your advertising and content strategy, your car park (or lead funnel) will be constantly full like Nazare’s was the day I was there.

If you run a business or are thinking about starting up, getting clear about your USP pays dividends. The key to defining your USP comes from understanding the difference between features and benefits, then prioritising which of your benefits will add the maximum value to your customers.

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Oops. When I recorded the movie I said the wave was 77m high, when actually it was 78 feet. Sorry Garrett!


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