Who we are

Linda Mayer

HR Director

Nick ran a session on cultivating wellbeing and mindfulness, inspiring many employees to take on additional challenges and changes in their lives.

Chris Feel

NSW Agency Sales Director

Nick has been instrumental in making our world a happier and more productive place to be, by bringing collective meaning and purpose to our culture.

Adam Leonard

HR Director

The program was a great success – you know you’ve got it right when the participants request it to be delivered to their key staff, which we did.

Glen Deutshcer

Head of Events

Nick has given me tools to challenge my beliefs and view aspects of my life with increased consciousness. The changes have been quick and powerful.

Ian Morpeth

National Sales Manager

Nick is very personable, and contains a deep knowledge and understanding of the DISC principles and how to apply those in a sales environment.

Paul Roberts


Nick has a great way that helps people learn about themselves and become more effective in their work and interactions with their colleagues.

Nathalie Lyton

HR Manager

Nicks seems to have an x-ray vision into peoples inner machinations and was able to teach us methods of doing similarly. Our best investment!

Martin Paul


Nick is a brilliant, insightful and an invaluable coach. I’ve benefited enormously from his wisdom, observations and advice.

Lara Woodley

L & D Manager

Our managers became coaches and we had a highly engaged workforce as seen in our annual engagement survey. Effects on the culture was recognisable.

Howard Pelquest Hunt


Recognised benefits include leadership, commitment from staff, clarity with difficult decisions, honesty in relationships, and vision.

Andrew Geoghegan

UK Jewelery Designer of the Year

Nick has the rare ability to ask the right questions. These pin sharp questions have produced seismic shifts in me knowing why I do what I do.

Peita Lane

HR Manager

I gained invaluable knowledge around attachment, intentions, letting go, and allowing the process to unfold without hanging on. A powerful lesson!