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21 Nov 2017 in Uncategorized


I’m excited to tell you about my new initiative called Fifty with Freedman. It’s an opportunity for you to try out working with me for free, plus gain experience of having a mentor listen to and support your growth. At the same time, it connects me personally with more leaders in our business community. Trust is vital for mentoring, so if you’re reading this and don’t know me, you might like to watch my TEDx talk, or read what my clients say about me on linkedin.

The format is simple. Every few months, I support 6 people to get clarity and overcome a challenge they are facing in their business. There will be a linkedin post to inform you when the next round will happen. When you see the post, or email, it’s important to reply quickly. The first six people who get in touch with me, (that meet the criteria below), will be given a free 50 minute mentoring session with me. Also known as ‘Fifty with Freedman’.

Let’s touch on what you’ll gain from the session. Many of my clients feedback how they get a deep sense of clarity talking through their challenges with me. Clarity, put simply, is a state of mind which is free of noise. It’s a quiet internal place, where the busy-ness of mental activity reduces, freeing up space for a more concrete type of knowing. Decisions made from a place of clarity are more closely aligned with the true path you should be taking, so feel more naturally right. Acting from this place somehow brings more certainty about your pathway forward.

Sadly, I’m sensing that many people’s clarity quotient has dwindled this year. We could blame many sources for this, but let’s just say that disruption has a dark side. Many leaders I know are feeling burdened from the change tap’s constant flow. I hear more people tell me how leading their businesses is becoming harder and when the dull hum of overwhelm ticks over in the background of the mind, it reduces the space for self reflection, critical analysis and forward thinking. If this sounds like you, and you also match the criteria below, then you qualify for Fifty with Freedman.

  • You are either a founder / director / senior leader of a business, that’s been established for 2+ years
  • You would like to increase your clarity about how to manage a current business challenge
  • You can spend 30 minutes on this strategic thinking exercise before the session


If you said yes to all the above criteria, there’s 4 things to do next.


1. Open a new email to me –

2. In the email, tell me what business you’re a director of, what your current role is and briefly explain what challenge you’d like increase your clarity about.

3. At the base of your email, include your linkedin profile address and preferred way for me to get in touch with you (phone number or email).

4. Hit the send button.

If you’re one the first 6 leaders to email me, I’ll send instructions about what to do on the return email (and, if you didn’t make the first 6, out of courtesy, I’ll also let you know).


If you want to know more about me, watch my TED talk. And if you are seeking help with something, call or email to book in your free consultation, and lets start the dialogue.

Call (+61) 02 8402 2086. Email

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