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It’s an important question and one which requires answering before we proceed. It’s something which the mind holds to be true. It’s an aspect of our consciousness that draws a line in the sand between what what we perceive to be true and false. These primary elements of our meaning making machines can both help us, and hold us back. When it comes to manifesting results, striking a balance in our beliefs is vital.

Beliefs can be tricky things to explore. They sit in the subconscious mind, so are mostly hidden from view. Its not as though we get out of bed on a morning thinking, ‘I wonder how my belief systems will affect my day’. Rather, we tend to proceed through life with limited awareness of how these powerful little tools of the mind influence our lives.

As stimulus arrives at the brain from the five senses, it is rapidly processed to help us make meaning of the world around us. This happens in a split second. We then internally represent what the environment is presenting us, based on how we believe the world is, to create a thought. This thought bubbles up into the aware part of our mind and we can then make sense of what is going on around us. And yet interestingly, 99% of the stimulus the brain is processing is not sent to the aware part of the mind. It gets filtered away. So if you pause for a moment and reflect on the contents of your mind right now, the thoughts you’re aware of, are less 1% of the activity which is going on in your brain. Interesting stuff.

These mental drivers then influence us to act in certain ways. We receive data, we think about it and we act. And so without awareness of our beliefs, our actions can be like we are running on autopilot. With awareness, we increase our choices of how we want to act.

A large part of my work teaching people how to successfully manifest results, begins with raising awareness. Without it, people have little hope of creating positive change in their lives. Let’s put it this way. You can’t change something which you don’t understand. When you understand it, then you can take the next step to transform it.



The next thing to consider is what approach you take to balance your beliefs. I have looked into many ways to do this, and my preference is to seek to build a relationship with both sides of the coin. Many people advocate for purely positive thinking and yet it seems to be not working, because our society has never seen so much mental health issues as we have today. Almost 1 in 2 Australians will suffer a mental health issue in their lifetime. I believe that rather than trying to eradicate one side of the belief system (negative) in favour of the other (positive), we must work on cultivating a relationship with both sides. That way we can navigate through life capable of dealing with all situations.

On some days, when we feel invincible, we’ll be strengthening the positive side of the belief. And on the days we feel lesser than, or in someway challenged by life, we can also accept this is part of life. Despite all our attempts in life, to create the picture perfect reality we uphold in society, have a look around. Do you know anyone who has perfected it, and never has a bad day? I don’t.

If we dig deeper still into the territory of our neurons and the conscious data which moves us through life, another concept emerges, which I speak about in the movie. What happens when a positive belief becomes over-used and drives us to act in negative ways?  What do we do then. As you’ll hear me share about in the film, one of my positive beliefs is that I should get my work done first, then have fun later. It’s been a pillar which has helped me to transform many areas of my life and be successful in business. On some level, I am very adept at getting things done. But the conditions of my life have changed considerably over the past decade. My business has been busy, I am married and have two very lively children. All these things demand my attention and present needs to get things done. So I respond, thinking ‘when this thing is done, I’ll then have some time for me.’ And then another thing presents itself and I process this through the same belief system and put the work first.

I had known for sometime that this needed to change and yet it was hard to do, whilst the demands of my life were so intense. And so, as you hear about in the film, I took some time out from life in 2017, to make play my number 1 priority. This conscious activity, helped me balance my belief systems and transform my life at the same time. The self created stress which was driving me before the holiday was starting to cause all manner of problems in my work and life. The warning signs, also known as red flags, often start out being subtle, then grow in intensity until we are forced to look at them. If someone is not aware of the red flag, sometimes their life needs to breakdown (e.g. poor health, loss of job, marriage breakdown, depression) before they wake up. Red flags are a great built in warning system, that tell us we need to stop, breathe and ask ourselves what do we really want life to be about.



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