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4 Jan 2018 in Uncategorized


Here’s an interesting question for you. Do you prefer to build a plan and stick to it, or go with the flow in life?

Personally, I’m more of a planner. Prior to becoming a consultant, I used to managing advertising projects, which taught me about the benefits of beginning the journey with a desired end point, and building a clear road map of how to get there.

So on my 2017 tour around Europe, I created an intention to record lots of short films to educate people about the way of the manifestor. I started out with a vision and a plan which included a range of content ideas I wanted to create en route. Half way into my trip, I stopped by at Silves Castle in Southern Portugal to make some films. The morning started out funny. It took a long time to find a park for the van, the coffee was scolding hot and burnt my mouth, and I’d forgotten to charge the iPhone battery, so had to wait in the van for half an hour to get juiced up. All these mini dramas, contributed to my stressful state. My mind was really struggling to think of what stories I could tell from inside the castle. The more I wrangled with the need to have a plan, the more frustrated I became, turning over the thought in my mind, ‘why can’t I find my mojo today?’ After an hour of watching my thoughts go around and around in a mental loop, I did something we all need to learn to do as manifestors. I let go of my need to have a plan.

Instead of doing what I usually do, which is get clear about what I would say before getting to the venue, I emptied my mind of all the potential content ideas. I did, as the zen masters would say, emptied my cup. I removed all the possible ideas in my head and replaced them with one single thought.

I shall see what emerges today. Maybe I’ll film some good stuff here. And maybe I won’t.

This concept of emptying the mind is a precious gem in the manifestor toolkit. Some days, it is exactly what is required. After walking up the old, winding cobbled streets to reach the castle, the inspiration came flooding to me. It was as if I wasn’t being shown what to film until I got there. I managed to make some great films from inside, including one about your legacy, which you can watch above.



Your legacy is what you intend to leave behind for the next generation, when you’re no longer here. The process of reflecting on your what you want your legacy to be is a common process I use in the leadership programs I facilitate and here’s some suggestions of how to define your legacy.

Firstly I’d suggest you get really clear about the values you want others to remember you for. Values are principles which we hold to be important and when we spend time in relationship with others, our values can rub off onto them. So by thinking about what you’d like people to remember you as (e.g. compassionate, or bold or intelligent) it can help you define your legacy. To find out what you value in life, complete your free online profile here.

Then fast forward to your funeral. It can be a bit of a morbid thought, but imagine you’re watching the speech your loved ones are making about you. What are they saying about you. What do they remember about you and what you left behind for them. After reflecting on this, spend some time writing down what you’d like to leave behind. It doesn’t need to be a big business, or huge wealth (although it might be), but instead it could be about the wisdom you handed down to the next generation. Here’s five things in my legacy:

  • For my 2 kids, help them develop the ability to deal with whatever life throws at them, so when I’m no longer around, they can hold their own in a world which is rapidly transforming.
  • For my wife, be a strong support for her living the best life she can and pursuing her passions.
  • Be remembered by my clients as someone who taught them how to follow their dreams and consciously take life head on (carpe diem).
  • Yoda is my guru and so for humanity, I want to use the force for good and leave the world in a better state than I found it (at least in my little corner of it anyway).
  • For myself, to have expressed my truth regardless of what others thought, seized the day, loved those around me, and had a lot of fun along the way.

I hope you enjoyed this short film and article. If you feel inspired to learn the ten essential skills you need to create a great life, then sign up to manifestor or email me here with any questions you have about the program.


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